News Update: First Edition 2011

Please receive this as a thank you note, and know that I thank the LORD for you. Php 1:3-5 ESV  I thank my God in all my remembrance of you,  (4)  always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy,  (5)  because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.

You are a partner on this mission, so please rejoice and praise GOD about all the following as we – together – serve Him here in Ecuador.

La Fuente – the Church plant in North Quito 

First Acts29 church in Ecuador!  (web under construction: La Fuente)

getting ready for the celebration
Ana Cecilia´s baptism
Ana Cecilia´s son: Fernando
David was baptized at the first LF retreat

Community confession time
La Fuente - Jota preaching
Community making sandwiches to give at the Hospital outreach on wednesdays

It has been such a blessing to be a part of this baby church that started about a year ago when 15 to 20 of us would meet at  Jota’s apartment every sunday at 6pm.

La Fuente has been growing with   many visitors (local and foreign). It has been amazing to see lives coming to the LORD – we had 5 baptisms in the last months! And we had our first retreat too!

Seeing lives being transformed by the power of the Gospel has been incredible. Currently, we meet at another home with a bigger living room since Jota´s place became too small to host the 50 plus people that come on Sunday. We have new comers to the Celebration (sunday service) almost every week and now we have been blessed with a worship band!

I have been mainly impacted and blessed by seeing true Gospel in the lives of people that continually meet at our home Communities every Tuesday night. In these communities we (the elders) try to do life on life sharing among everyone who comes. We try to motivate the family of God to be a part of preparing / having dinner, discuss and apply the message from previous Sunday, promoting Bible studying, sharing testimonies and real life issues, living the Gospel as we all engage culture, and striving to teach the concept of living missional as a community of CHRIST lovers.

Our community makes sandwiches and delivers them to the people at the public hospital where they have to wait for hours in order to receive care.

The response has been amazing, after several weeks of pouring out Truth, Community, and Mission ( La Fuente core values) we have experienced clear and solid growth from some; and , at the same,  others still wrestle with sin issues from the past and lack of understanding of what real life on life Gospel means. The last part I say , because some that have fallen into sins from their past life are still going though hardships—which means thtat  my role in these situations has been more to counsel and  pray against spiritual oppression. Lastly, by ´lack of Gospel understanding on life´ I mean that it is really tough to break the ´compartmentalism´ of people that are used to see the church life as separate from their normal lives.

Overall, It has been clear that people are really understanding what we preach and for the last couple of months we have seen real growth in their lives. Just these past two weeks we had two people share their testimonies in front of the whole church – very inspiring to hear what GOD has done with them and with us (if you are more curious about their testimonies, just let me know as I have the written versions and their permission to share).

Well for now, I just want to send this to you. I decided to send you only one update today with this blog, otherwise I am afraid I will end up sending you too much info at once ; >.

Thankful for you.

Juan Ma´

7 thoughts on “News Update: First Edition 2011

  1. This is awesome! It’s great to hear how the Lord has been using La Fuente and the ministries you are a part of in the time since I have been away. Keep dreaming for God to do more and greater things, keep being obedient to His call, and keep trusting Him for all things. He will do far greater than we can ask or even imagine (Ephesians 3:20)–believe that and live by it!

    Your gringo friend,

  2. Poncho! Thank you for living out of your faith. You’ve always been such an inspiration to many especially me. I pray that God continues to work wonders in your life and those you reach.

    In Him,


  3. Juan Ma’ – You are an inspiration to me and our family! We’ll be praying for you and doing everything we can to support you so that you can continue your mission in Ecuador.

    Tu hermano,

  4. Dear Son Juan,
    just a quick note to say how hapy I am hear that your doing so well. I want to take this time and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving I know you don’t celebrate it there
    any way on the day we do but then isn’ everyday a thnksgivng day. You have grown so much since I’ve seen you your heavenly Father I know is well pleased with you
    I miss you and think of you often take care your American Mom Loleta

  5. My brother!
    I think and pray for you often. Memories of those times we have spent learning about God together have gotten me through some difficult times. I thanks god for Brothers like you who are going out in faith…
    My God bless your every endeavor!
    Until we meet again face to face!

  6. Juan–

    Bro, It has been too long since I’ve read and heard from you. It is so exciting for me to watch he videos and see you making a difference everyday. Proud of you! Care about you– Can’t wait to see you again!

    Your brother in Oregon
    -Sean O’Connor

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