Meet Margarita (Part 1) – Faith

Hey Friends and Family,

In this post I want to share with you about Margarita, who shines GOD´s power despite her being in a wheelchair.

Even though I could take pages and pages on talking about this, I hope I can communicate well enough through this post so you can meet Margarita and learn about her life.

There is a lot to share about her, her life, her relationship with GOD, and her new family – the body of CHRIST.

So, around February 2010 I met Margarita in a metro bus, she was going downtown to a crochet course she was taking (by the way she is always signing up for free art courses so she can make things and sell them for a living), I was going to work downtown too.

Certainly, it was a divine appointment, two people helped her to get off the bus, leaving her right in front of the bus door and then left. I happened to see that her shoe had fallen off, so I approached her to give her the shoe. That is where one of the most amazing, genuine, Godly relationships of my life started. She asked for help to get to the connecting bus to get downtown and, go figure, I had to take the same bus. Not only that, but I actually had to get off at the same stop as her.

We talked and talked as we were getting to know each other, we soon realized and laughed with joy that we actually were by Blood, sister and brother! …….Yep, we both knew of the blood that had bought us. We shared our short testimonies as CHRISTians; it was beautiful, simply beautiful.

Another ¨coincidence¨, at that time I was working at INFA – a government organization that advocates for children and families. I was working at the Special Protection division and it turned out that she had placed a request for help at INFA as well. She mentioned how unfairly she had been treated by the organization and that she was still awaiting a response. Of course I felt the call to help in whatever way possible, so right there was another reason to ask each other´s numbers.

From then on, we became true friends and our relationship grew incredibly through sharing all that CHRIST was doing in our lives. Until today, she has become one the biggest examples of living faith in my life. In spite of all the struggles in her life, when I see the faith she has to face them, it reminds me of Abraham´s faith. I can certainly go too long if I shared all the things the LORD has done and is doing through His faithful daughter -Margarita.

So basically, about 16 years ago at the age of 40, Margarita was diagnosed with a progressive spinal hernia problem (a tumor) that took her through two back surgeries and about nine years ago this disease left her in a wheelchair. During the first seven years, Doctors advised  her to maintain partial or absolute rest; however, she was never able to, since she was raising two teenagers and also working to help with the household financial needs. Right before the last surgery (about 9 years ago), she had a husband who, while she was at the hospital going through that surgery, he did one of the most evil things I have heard of: he cleaned out the apartment where they lived. He literally took everything, leaving only some of her  clothes on the floor; left no curtains, no dishes, nothing.

And as if it wasn´t enough for Margarita, who barely made it home (an empty home) from the hospital with help from a sister-in-law, since she could not stand or walk, she found out that her husband had done what he did and left with another woman. He never came back or anything.

Now, Margarita has a  30-year-old daughter and a 28-year-old son. They both did some efforts to help take care of their disabled and hurting mother; however, they have both decided to go on with their lives and families, having 2 kids each, they now only call her once in a while and hardly ever visit her. Neither of them help her financially or emotionally.

Today, Margarita goes on her 4th year living on her own in a single small room with a bed, a few personal things, and her wheelchair. Her room is located in Pisulí in the surrounding mountains of Quito, a very poor and dangerous area, but the only place she can afford – by herself.

So I know I have made this a very long post, but it is difficult for me to tell you so many significant things about Margarita´s life.

I am going to let you see her in this video where she tells what has gotten her through all this and is still giving her the strength to keep on going,  proving to the world that there is something bigger than the ´storms of life´.

Please take a moment to watch this 4 min video that was prepared by Noah Brennan for the Mercy Ministry that is starting at La Fuente. Margarita has become a part of the body here.

This is just the first part of all there is to say about Margarita, I hope you can get to know her as I will be sharing more about her in the next post.

Your brother and partner in CHRIST,

Juan Manuel

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