Meet Margarita (Part 2) – The body of CHRIST

Here she is with her 98 year-old father - Juanito, whose health is delicate. He gave his life to CHRIST when we visited Him a few months ago!

So here is Part 2 – Meet Margarita.

If you didn´t get to read the first part of the story, I really recommend you try to read it, so all that I am going to share in this and next post will make more sense to you. Here is the link:

Meet Margarita (Part 1) – Faith

After knowing all the struggles Margarita has gone through and all she deals with everyday even now, I have always seen the strength the LORD gives her to keep fighting the good fight of Faith. I am constantly encouraged by her intimate relationship with GOD and her absolute dependence on Him.






Ice cream! it´s her weakness, and guess what... mine too ; >

Her family and government reject her

You might be asking what about her family and what about the government? Why don’t they help?

The government requirements to receive assistance are nearly impossible to fulfill without a family member that is closely connected with her. If you remember from Part 1, her family has basically abandoned her.  So who is left to take care of her?



Dancing on her birthday last year!

She fully trustes the LORD for every day she has to face her reality, by that I mean,  besides her disability, she has had to deal with the lack of care, support, and love from her family. Plus she has had to take so many rejections from governement entities and representatives, who have denied her several petitions for help.  All this constant rejection made her go through several times of depression in her life. In spite of all that, I have seen her put her hope in JESUS and get up again, and again.

The body of CHRIST

When the Church, La Fuente moved to a more accessible location and time, Margarita was able to join in our gatherings. Several volunteers started to help her to get there and she quickly became part of the family. Her testimony, charisma and joy have touched and inspired many lives in the church family. A few people and families have gone to visit her in Pisulí and have taken her on trips for the weekends.

Mariqui, M. León, Noé, Margarita and I

We have all been moved by what GOD through Margarita says to the whole body of the church.  Constantly showing us more of Him.

Watch this short video clip and be ready for post – Part 3!  ...Big surprise, can´t miss it!

Your brother in CHRIST,

Juan Manuel.

2 thoughts on “Meet Margarita (Part 2) – The body of CHRIST

  1. This is such an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us Juan Manuel! If there is anything we can do to help Margarita, please let us know. Cayo

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