Meet Margarita (Part 3) – GOD answers prayer

If you haven´t checked out the first 2 parts of this story about Margarita, I recommend you do it so this Part 3 will make more sense to you:

Meet Margarita (Part 1) – Faith

Meet Margarita (Part 2) – The body of CHRIST

Well, not many words this time. I want to let this 2 videos speak for themselves.

PISULÍ (Quito):


Now that I have had the opportunity to show you how GOD´s awesome love has rocked our lives and Margarita´s here, I want to invite you to be part of this by asking you for specific prayers for Margarita. We, the church body, are trying to figure out ways to make Margarita´s life more practical regarding all the things that would give her more assistance and meet her needs. Therefore, I invite you to join me in prayer for:

– An Ocupational Therapist who could help us show Margarita practical techniques to handle herself around her new apartment,

– A Physical Therapist who could help her get more strength in her upper body,

Accomodations as well as tools that could help her with her daily activities,

Funds so we can make all the adjustments in her apartment, and

– Lastly, please pray for the church volunteers (including myself) who are currently helping Margarita several days a week. Their job is very demanding, yet their love fills Margarita´s heart every time.

I thank you for following this story, this GOD story. His faithfulness has inspired me and draws me closer to Him by witnessing His love upon Margarita and all the ones that have been a part of her life.

As you have heard from Margarita, all the good things that are in her come from the LORD who continues to shine His light through this story, and I hope it would inspire and draw you closer to the only One that holds the world in His hands.

Your partner in CHRIST,

Juan Manuel

3 thoughts on “Meet Margarita (Part 3) – GOD answers prayer

  1. This is so great! I love seeing all of your faces 🙂 I am praying for La Fuente and the great work you are doing for Ecuador.

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