Living in community!

Hey friends and family!
Things have been busy and many things have been happening with the life of the church and in my personal walk.

First, I want to share with you a new video about our church La Fuente:

(Spanish version)

Now I am want to share with you about what’s going on with ‘life in community’ here.

making sandwiches with the church community!
the recipe: love and teamwork ; >
200 sandwiches and cups of juice each week
Cesar - a brother from church makes the bread for this outreach
let´s share the love!

May I introduce you to a ministry at a local public hospital here, where we continue to see GOD moving powerfully
At the church we run communities who currently are groups of 15 to 20 people who meet on Tuesday nights. We call them VCM Communities which stand for our values as a church: Verdad-Comunidad-Misión (Truth, Community and Mission). Talking about the missional aspect, we as elders encourage a life-on-life mission and each community also adopts a particular mission project or need in the city.

The community I help to shepherd has taken on a huge need at a local public hospital in south Quito where lots of people come from several areas of the country to get an appointment. They have to wait for many hours to get a chance to be seen by a Doctor, and sometimes they are not too lucky.
So one of the things our community does on Tuesday nights is prepare sandwiches and juice to give out at the hospital on Wednesdays mornings. It is simply incredible to see so many opportunities that the LORD gives us to share the Gospel every week by just starting with a free sandwich, juice, a smile or even by offering a prayer!

I will be sharing stories about that in the next posts.

For now I would like to ask your prayers for :

– Funds for Margarita´s therapy.

– For so many families at the hospital who are in deep physical and spiritual suffering.

– That GOD would continue to give us a heart to love on them and to boldly proclaim His Gospel.

Thankful for you. Your partner in CHRIST,

Juan Manuel

One thought on “Living in community!

  1. dear Juan,
    I love to hear how God is moving in your life and thoses around you, my heart is so full when I read your letters and am excited to hear from you. I know you have the experience of making sandwitches, I know god is using you in many ways. May he contuine to bless you and those you teach. love in christ Loleta

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