Community on mission

  Hey friends and partners!

I want to tell you again how thankful I am for you. Lately as I have been sharing the love of CHRIST with my church community at a local public hospital, you came to mind and I felt like sharing a few pics a friend took of our community making sandwiches and juice for our weekly outreach to the hospital.

The deal is that there is so much to say about this that it gets real hard to explain so many Gospel stories everyweek. Yet I do want to share with you that GOD has used this mission to bring 3 full families to our baby church. We met these families at the hospital serving them with His love, and as I look at this first picture I was reminded how amazing is GOD´s love! Yea, on the right of the first pic, there is Eduardo who came to know JESUS through this outreach. The most amazing thing to me is that he is now ( and has been for a while) making sandwiches for others in the hospital.

In the past week Eduardo and his wife, Teresa gave their testimonies to the church and it just blows my mind to see and to be reminded of the incredible grace of the FATHER. At the same time I get so touched to feel that GOD would choose us and to give us this great privilege of serving Him to bring others to His Son.

The other two families are also joining our communities and also making sandwiches for hospital patients! I am so bad with taking pictures because most of the time it´s so hard to take pictures of these families without feeling like I am showcasing them or something. I hope you understand me, but I will make it a point to constantly share more with you about Eduardo´s family and also the other stories.

Before I finish this, I would like to ask you for prayers. Today at the hospital, I run into another family that hasn´t come to church yet. The mom´s name is María Dolores Luje who is probably in her fifties. She has a 20-some-year old daughter who I met today. This is the second time I run into her. The first time she met us was about 2 months ago as we were helping a Rolando (a homeless man in the street in front of the hospital), she was moved and touched by seeing us helping in the name of JESUS. Today, I met her daughter too and I was able to invite them and their whole family to come to celebrate with the church this Sunday. Please pray that they would show up ; >

So much to say, and I am not good at writing so how about we leave it there for now.

Know you are part of every step of the mission here in Ecuador! And you got your Ecuadorian brother praying for you and your families.

In Him who owns us, your partner from Ecuador.

Juan Manuel

4 thoughts on “Community on mission

  1. Thanks Juan Manuel sharing and it is so good to hear the great work our Lord is doing with La Fuente in Ecuador! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for being a vital part of HIS body here, brother Juanma’. It is a joy to see God doing HIS amazing work both in and through you!

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