Mercy Ministries – Oscar

Dear friends and family,

I want to tell you again how thankful I am for each of you! To me serving our KING here in Ecuador is such an undeserved privilege and I am always reminded of how blessed I am that you are supporting me and more so, the mission GOD has entrusted us. Your prayers are encouraging to me and today, I feel the need to let you be part of my latest prayers and needs.

Matthais Lot and La Fuente missionaries as Edgar and Edwin hug right after receiving CHRIST!

Around March this year, I was part of the a missions trip to the Andes Region here in Ecuador alongside an awesome group of faithful brothers from a partner church – Matthias Lot. They came to help us with building projects at our in progressing construction of a Training Center in the mountains region out of Quito. Our foreign missionaries teamed up with missionaries from our church (La Fuente) and with a couple of local workers, Edgar and Edwin, that permanently work at this property.

These last 2 are brothers and at the end of our work week, they came to CHRIST (see picture for a little glimpse to the moment). Both are parents of many children and their whole family (three generations altogether)  lives further into the top of the mountains. They live off the land there, when the weather is dry the situation gets difficult as animals and crops die. Nevertheless, they are hungry for the word and they have been discipled in the Gospel.

One of Edgar´s son is Oscar, a sixteen year-old that was born with a hearing impairment of both ears. Through mercy ministries fund from our church-La Fuente he has been able to get check out at the hospital here in Quito. Doctors say that has lost so much of his ability to hear that from now on the only solution is to get hearing aids for both ears. His family cannot afford this as those are quite expensive; however, the LORD has allowed us – La Fuente church to raise enough to pay for one of them.
I thought that I could put this out there for you to consider being part of it through prayer and/or help in case you feel called to make a special donation for Oscar second hearing device.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to know more.
Your partner in CHRIST, praying for you and your loved ones.

Juan Manuel.

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