Help to find a Hospital for Dana – URGENT please read

Again me, brothers and sisters.
I know I just sent a post a few days ago and thank you for your so encouraging support and prayers. It so awesome to feel that each of you are here with me on the mission field in the midst of needs and suffering.

I have been dealing with a situation that goes so beyond my means or possibilities here and in all honesty I am being somehow overwhelmed by it. It´s about a little girl called Dana, she is three years old and has leukemia.  She has been battling with this cancer for a while now, her parents don´t know JESUS and find themselves hopeless in the midst of it all > bills, treatments, exams, medicines, etc.
One of the hardest parts now is that Dana has been enduring Chemotherapy for about 20 days straight. Doctors say that she needs to go through for another 15 days. Dana is resisting and fighting, but the biggest hurdle to pass seems to be the following, which is a bone marrow transplant that needs to take place as soon as the Chemo ends (in a couple of weeks). Her eight year old brother is the only compatible bone marrow donor right now, but Doctors say that this procedure/ transplant cannot be done anywhere in Ecuador.

I could go on in details but for now, I need to ask you to pray with me and the church here, who are seeing this huge mountain in front of this family, but we know that we are holders of real, true, and powerful HOPE. Additionally, the specific way to help Dana, her brother and parents is through helping us find a Hospital, organization, foundation, or any kind of children´s institution that would be able/willing to look at this case and open a door for the surgery between Dana and her older brother (donor). We have all the doctors official records and I could hold any conversation with whoever is the contact person at any institution through skype to explain more and connect our doctors here with those there in the States. But I need your help to connect with those institutions or hospital that could open a door for this transplant that cannot happen here in Ecuador.

Nataly and her husband are devastated as they face this, we as a church are trying to be there for them in anyway possible and especially spiritually we are lifting them up in prayer. In that, we have tried to help this family through local entities but no real answer has taken place. I confess am feeling useless and that´s why I come to the FATHER for hope and to you for help.
Thanks and please if you can help, let me know as soon as possible since the surgery needs to happen soon!

Thank you for praying too.

Always in Him who owns us and can move mountains,

Juan Manuel

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