Dana – no more pain

Dear friends and family,

Today Dana passed away. After all the intense medical procedures done to her in the past month, her body became so weak and her immune system was compromised. She stopped eating and today, in spite of the efforts of the doctors, she died, or should say – she stopped hurting, suffering, fighting…

My emotions at this moment don´t allow me to write too much. But I feel the responsibility to let you know right away since you have been praying for her and her family. Tomorrow I´ll be with he family and I pray the LORD would allow me to show them more of His arms in this painful situation.

I thank you on behalf of the family. A couple of days ago Natalia and Patricio (parents) asked me to thank you all for all you were doing for them. They were so encouraged by knowing that people that didn´t even know Danita, were praying and helping. I was a witnessed of how the LORD used CHRISTians to show this family the incredible love of GOD to them. They happily even accepted a Bible as a gift and were alleviated by verses we shared.

Please keep lifting up this family in consolation and join little Dana in praise as she has no more pain, no more suffering, no more tears.


Juan Manuel

5 thoughts on “Dana – no more pain

  1. I am so sad about Dana and also rejoicing that she is with our Father. My heart aches for her parents and brother. I will pray for them.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about little Dana, may the family come to know Jesus through this, and feel His loving arms wrapped aound them. I’ll be praying for her family how painful for them…

  3. thankk you all.
    i am going to be with the parents and family today at the mortuary, i will deliver your prayers and words of peace and healing to them.
    thankful for you, jm

  4. if there is anything in particular you would like to say to the family, i am your representative here and I would be happy to print it and read/deliver it to them. So any word of encouragement that you would like to deliver to this family, just send it to my email: juanma_landazuri@hotmail.com.
    your partner here, jm

  5. the heart of Christ is showing through you Juan manuel. Your love for Him and for this family is so evident that He will use you, no matter what you say. Just His Holy Spirit, present in that situation is the comfort that only God can give. You bless us as you bless this family.
    love, Liz and Dale

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