Thanks for praying for Natalia and Patricio (Dana´s parents)!

I want you to know about the meeting/counseling session with Danita´s parents last Wednesday.

Steve and I felt the HOLY SPIRIT move powerfully as we listened to them. They both were honest and open with us about their feelings and struggles through the whole healing process after their little one took off for heaven. They openly told us how impacting it has been for them to see how people that didn´t even know Dana would help and pray for them during this very difficult process.

The LORD gave Steve an amazing piece of the Scripture in Isaiah to powerfully present the Gospel. I finished sharing a piece of testimony and witnessing of GOD´s love and power in our lives. At last, we shared with them, again, of all your help and love during the time of search for a hospital/transplant for Dana. And as the very last note of our almost 3-hour session with them, I was able to read to them the messages and Scripture that some of you sent for them after Danita´s passing. They were grateful and with plenty of tears in their eyes they asked me if they could keep the letters (your letters).

Partners-Family-friends, happily I assure you GOD used us to tell them and show them of His amazing love. Please keep praying for their salvation.

I wish you would have been present here with us last week, yet I know your helping hearts, prayers, and words of truth and love – hit home for sure!

And we praise our KING SAVIOUR!

In Him, who owns us.

Juan Manuel

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