Remember Oscar ?

Hey everyone!

I so wanted to write you sooner but I have been so crazy busy that I haven´t found the right time to share moments of joy I have experienced lately.

It is in regards to Oscar, I talked to you about him a few posts back (check here if you want to know the beggining of the story).

Oscar finally got his hearing aids!!!!!!!!!Yeap thanks to your prayers and donations, plus the support of our local church La Fuente, GOD used us to help this family to do something that they cannot afford. Now little Oscar can hear much better and his Dad (Edgar) just called me again a couple of days ago to thank us for his son is doing real good and even the teachers in school had congratulated Oscar for his improvement in class!. Edgar could not stop saying thanks repeatedly. Even though it took a little time for Oscar to get used to it, Edgar says that everything is much better and that they wouldn´t have been able to do this if it wasn´t for our generosity through GOD!

Yesterday Steve had another discipleship meeting with them and another member of the family confessed CHRIST!! one more in the almost 30 member family in the mountains of Latacunga. There are 3 brothers including Edgar, sharing CHRIST towards their relatives and we are there to witness the amazing power of the Gospel changing lives. And you be sure to count yourself in because you are part of it all dear friends and family.

Well I have been really pumped about this so I had to share it with you, since GOD made this possible through your love and generosity towards Oscar. Here I share some pictures of him as soon as we left the audio center when he got his hearing aids.

Note: sorry I don´t have a video camera so I couldn´t do video with him thanking you himself ; >

Thankful for you,

Your partner in CHRIST, Juan Manuel.

4 thoughts on “Remember Oscar ?

  1. Que lindo, bro, por todo lo que Dios está haciendo por medio de La Fuente y de tu persona. Gracias a Dios por el corazón que Dios te ha dado.

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