Membership & Pastors´ Installment

Hi again Family and Friends!

Today I am finally able to share a bit more of what is going on with the mission down here in Ecuador. I want to share with you that at the end of October we led our baby church La Fuente to a huge step as whole church family: covenant membership!

Here I also what to share that last Sunday we took another huge step with the church and that is the installment of the elders in training as Elder-pastors. As most of you know my brothers Jota Moncayo, Noah Brennan and I have been training with our Mentor planter Steve Youngren who has discipled and coached us for about 2 years theologically and practically as we launched La Fuente as the first church plant in Quito, and with the vision of future churches in this city and others.

I am thankful for these 3 guys in my life, for the baby church that puts up with me, for each of you that make these steps of growth possible, and as you all will agree > I could not be more thankful for JESUS who has led us all the way and too will always be the PASTOR of this church!

I share these pictures with you as I know images say more ; >

3 thoughts on “Membership & Pastors´ Installment

  1. Juan, It was so great seeing what God is doing in your life and the church at La Fuente. I love seeing it on Video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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