2 thoughts on “Sorry about the video on the recent post. Now it´s ready, please check it out! thanks

  1. JuaMa!

    Hey there! Not sure if you remember me, but my name is Abe Hogle. I was in Quito for a medical internship during Jan-Mar 2011. We chatted about The Way and Solid Rock in Portland, Oregon, and how you had a vision about having a thriving young adult ministry like that! Anyway, I just graduated from nursing school, and God has been putting it on my heart about possibly financially supporting your ministry. I see on your blog, that there is a link to donating to Compassion Connect. I was just hoping to confirm this is the best method if I were to financially support you, and find out the best way to make sure the funds go directly to you?

    Anyway, it looks like God has been blessing your ministry! That’s awesome! Hope to hear from you soon.

    Abe Hogle

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