News from Ecuador!

Hey family and friends,

It has been a while! and I am eager to share with you about some of the things the LORD has been doing here and for sure ask your prayers as always  ;!>

At Maria Luisa´s home
My Fianceé Shawna, Maria Luisa, and Gloria with me at a hospital.
My Fianceé Shawna, Maria Luisa, and Gloria with me at a hospital.
Belén (Maria Luisa´s sister), me, and Maria Luisa before community night at their home

Maria Luisa
In previous posts I shared with you about Maria Luisa, she is 16 years-old, has Turner Syndrome and has not been able to go to school for over a year since her last hip surgery. She has several other health problems but the major ones right now are the need of a growth hormone so she can keep on growing and hip and leg surgery so she can walk without so much pain and difficulty. At the moment she has a the body of a 12 year-old, but the doctors and exams we have been able to take her to say that if she gets a growth hormone for 2 years she can grow still. So her mother Gloria and I have been going to doctors, medical centers, and foundations looking for help yet we are still praying for the provision that looks seemingly far from happening with the government hospitals here.

Maria Luisa also has been diagnosed with the need of another surgery for both of her hips so she can walk straight again and be able to go to school and have more of a normal life. So I ask that you would please keep her, her mother and me in your prayers as we try to find the hormone and now a second opinion from a Traumatologist for the tentative surgery needed.

Locale Search
Next, I want to share with you that La Fuente church keeps on growing and we are running out of space at the building we are renting now. We are at an average of 100 to 110 people coming to church celebrations on Sundays. The kids ministry has one classroom area which we had to divide in two separate rooms that are currently packed with kids of all ages. So I also would like to ask your prayers for this real and quite urgent need we are facing as a church. At the moment we are looking at 2 different venues that could work but we are still working on the preliminary details to see if we can make it work. One is a soccer indoor center and the other is a restaurant. Both are options to use only for Sundays since paying rent for full time usage is quite out of our church budget now.

Last, I want to invite you to be expecting the next post soon where I will be sharing with you how the LORD has used many of you and the local church to provide for something that seemed unreachable…  ;!>

Your partner in CHRIST,

Juan Manuel L.

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