This is what GOD does…

Hey Family and Friends,

Remember Caty? I shared her story several months ago, she is a 34-year old grandmother who has been losing her hearing in both ears. She has tried to save money to pay for her specialized hearing aids but the total amount was certainly unreachable for her as she makes the minimum wage ($320) working at a bakery.

Well, after sharing with all of you in my previous post. Caty, Shawna and I, and many of you decided to keep praying and hope that the LORD would allow her to someday have the possibility to get her hearing aids. This would be a huge help for her since it has been getting more and more difficult for her to hear and understand people and even caused her to lose much needed work.

Now I want to share with you what the LORD has done since then, by touching your hearts and uniting His universal body to help Caterine. Thanks so much to all of you that supported Caty and her needs in one way or another by being part of this huge blessing to this single grandmother and her family!

Enjoy this video:

Your Partner´s In Christ,

Juan Manuel and Shawna

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