Little angel needs your prayers (Silvanita)

Family and Friends,

IMG_20131123_184617 IMG_20131123_184639 IMG_20131123_184708 IMG_20131123_184747    We would like to share with you a little bit about a little one who GOD has touched our heart with. Her name is Silvana, she is about 6 months old. She was abandoned by her parents and then by her grandparents, and dropped at an orphanage in Tena (a city in the jungIMG_20131123_184804le region in Ecuador). Some fellow missionaries brought her to a Children´s Public Hospital here in Quito, where we got to know her. Since then, she has grown so close to our hearts as Shawna has spent many days and nights with her in the hospital seeing her fighting several health challenges like Spinal Bifida (split spine IMG_20131123_184821-1with severe spinal cord and nerve damage), Hydrocephalus (water in the brain), paralysis from the waist down, prolapsed rectum and many other complications due to these problems such as difficulty eating or breathing.

11142013003Now this little warrior and gift from GOD has already survived two surgeries and beat Pneumonia but is still suffering by being at times alone at a public hospital with no professional or caring nurses. We are watching over her as much as we can and advocating for her needs. She needs to be transferred to another hospital so she can be in better care, and she needs volunteer substitute moms that can love on her. Ultimately our prayer is that she could be adopted into a permanent family. Shawna and I are trying to do the best we can, but what we can do seems not to be enough and we reach out to you for prayer. Our local church has come alongside us with volunteers but we need more help to cover her needs and make sure she is always loved.

Lastly, we feel compelled to share that we are thankful and honored to be a part of Silvana´s life. And we hope and pray that we and the volunteers can continue to be a true testimony of GOD´s enormous love and a light in this public hospital to many hurting families. So please would you specifically help us by praying for Silvana´s hospital transfer and for more volunteers that can join us in this mission.IMG_20131123_185130

In Him and because of Him,

Juan Manuel and Shawna.

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