April Update – 2015

Many times I sit down to give you all an update and think “Gosh, don’t justIMG_2198 tell them all IMG_1898the awesome stuff GOD has been doing but tell them also about the struggles, hardships, etc…too”. Yet when I go to write about what GOD has truly done there are so many awesome things the hard times pale in comparison and quickly become so “light and momentary” as Paul says. So let me tell you please what has been going on here for the Landázuri family in Quito Ecuador:

Janely – Janely has recovered from hip surgery and ¨Wow!¨ how life has changed…it is so nice to change a diaper with just one

The plate in Janely's hip
The plate in Janely’s hip

person! GOD also totally put in our path a non-profit organization here that does many types of therapy. We are now able to give Janely physical therapy four times a week!!! This is huge for her…for us…AND made possible by GOD touching the hearts also of two very special friends that made unexpected donations to Janely’s care! Oh GOD how faithful and good you are!!!!

Christian Counseling – GOD has continued to have his awesome hand on this ministry. I am honored to continue doing Christian counseling several times a week with a very full schedule of women, children and families. GOD has also opened the door for group therapy. Several weeks ago I started a group focused on serving those suffering from anxiety, abuse (past or present), traumatic experiences, and anger. We are calling it “Relaxation and Coping in CHRIST”. Each group a character of GOD is presented along with a key quality of our identity in Christ as the theme of the session. I also teach techniques to calm our bodies (all GOD given and only possible because of Him). Then we walk through a structured journal the members are learning to use that helps them capture negative thoughts (2 Corinthians 2:5) and replace them with healthy thoughts that are embedded completely in GOD’s Word and what He says about them.

She loves her Daddy
She loves her Daddy
Janely getting a breathing treatment
Janely getting a breathing treatment

It has been a dream of mine to do this work centered in Christ and that I am so passionate about also in a group setting. GOD brought 3 wonderful women each with different needs and experiences that has been such a blessing to be a part of. Now they are asking to continue this group regularly versus the original time-limited group of 5 weeks. So we plan to continue every few weeks and open the door to more women. If GOD puts in on your heart please pray over these women, myself and this group. GOD IS breaking chains, bringing new thinking centered on Him and more freedom and so I know the enemy doesn’t like that as well as I know I can do nothing without Him so prayers greatly appreciated as I continue to approach facilitating this group in awe of the responsibility I have been given.

Dunamis – GOD continues to allow myself and those on the Board of Directors for Dunamis, to keep working on building a foundation. We are currently defining the logo, have a test website built as we prepare for launch, and continually working on operational and organizational matters to assist Dunamis in day to day functioning and preparing for growth in the future. IMG_2232Dunamis oIMG_2072n average serves about 9 girls, three times a week through Bible Studies and a variety of workshops teaching skills from making jewelry to learning to read. I am so thankful GOD has allowed me to help in the background with the privilege of knowing all the work benefits these girls that have been rescued from various abusive or trafficking situations and bring glory to Him.

So as you can see as a family we are feeling really blessed! Yes, we do have hard times and seasons, especially with always needing to learn more about how to parent our baby girl. And we struggle with many of the day-to-day challenges in living in this culture where GOD is teaching us more patience, acceptance and dying to self. I am working always on my Spanish and Juan Manuel is fighting the good fight in the work force and how to be a light and aroma of Christ each day in a worldly business setting while being aIMG_2068 IMG_2217wonderful, giving father to Janely. GOD is constantly at work on us here : )

So as this update comes to an end we thank you for your loving and faithful support that without we could not do all that GOD has called us to do here! We would love to hear from you and truthfully treasure our relationships and hearing from you!

Your Partners In CHRIST,

Juan Manuel, Shawna, & Janely Landázuri

P.S. As we recently learned, photos of Janely and her information can not be shared publicly so please we ask that if you do choose to share about Janely with others her information and photos will remain very private, thank you kindly!

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