Giving GOD the Glory

Family and Friends…

A quick update here to let you know GOD has been moving and we want to share with you to praise Him and thank you all for your prayers and support!

A few weeks ago a client of mine (Shawna) in the Christian Counseling ministry made a big decision to be baptized! Yay GOD!! This was huge for her as a new believer and being from a family and culture with a ton of shame attached to any attention brought to one’s self. The Spirit guided her beautifully as she shared her testimony with our entire church and how GOD has given her the power to forgive a family member that hurt her deeply. Lots of tears of joy and hugs afterward. GOD gets the glory as he has moved and worked in her life in such precious and powerful ways and I’ve been so blessed to be on the sidelines as a little part of her journey to the Cross!

Please continue to keep the ministry in your prayers as GOD puts it on your heart. I have another client that is seriously praying and thinking about baptism that is also a new Christian/Believer. I have a few other clients that are battling some serious strongholds, fears, and one in particular that is still in an abusive relationship and seeking the strength in Christ to find help, His will and a way to safety. Please battle with us…there is a war waging that we often forget about that wants to stop at all costs Christ Jesus taking new ground in their and our lives.

Sending love, hugs, and so much gratitude from Ecuador! Thank you!More updates to follow soon…

Your Partners In Christ,

Juan Manuel, Shawna, & Janely

Family time

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