2016 Year Landázuri Update

JESUS Rescues Update Dec. 2016

Hello family and friends! Finally bringing you a little update from the Landázuris in img_5983Quito. We started this year out with a month in the hospital that began with a visit to ER and literally watching the life leave our baby girl. One of the most difficult and heart-wrenching experiences of our lives, if not THE MOST difficult. So we are certainly ending this year in a much better place…and with a whole lot of gratitude!

Juan Manuel…

After the economy here taking a hard hit in the last 2 years, Juan Ma’ watched over half his department be laid off and yet GOD has showed us grace and protected his position. img_6239Though this change has meant taking on a heavier work load our thankfulness has grown as we know or meet so many that are jobless here and struggling to provide for the families.

We recently found out Juan Manuel needs another knee surgery, currently his meniscus looks like its almost in three pieces plus additional damage to other areas. We definitely would appreciate prayers over this as we are hoping for his

Signing the petition for the Declaration of Janely’s adoption

surgery end of January to early February. It will be quite a physical load on us without his help lifting and moving Janely throughout the days and nights for a time so we would appreciate your prayers for GOD’s provision of physical strength and endurance for that time. However, a blessing in this is our medical insurance will be covering the cost nearly 100%! PTL!!


We have been through many ups and downs and a few hospitalizations this year so looking back we are so grateful. Janely’s health and many medical challenges constantly challenge us to truly place Janely in GOD’s hands…each moment of each day. It has also shown me (Shawna) new areas GOD wants to work on …like worry and the desire to control as if I could change the outcome. GOD has also shown himself to be so real, present and compassionate. Nothing like begging GOD for your child’s life or just for the pain to cease for her in a hospital room, while at the point of utter exhaustion on every level and still be able to find Him and trust Him in this new trial. Oh goodness how GOD uses Janely Belly toimg_3030 work on me…us! (Thanks Janely ; )

I often struggle how to answer when people ask how she is doing because there is usually a mix of victories, areas where she may have regressed, areas of concern and just plain beautiful moments we share daily as we enjoy her. Having said that she really is doing well right now. (HALLELUJAH!!!) GOD sent us a new place for her therapy that has all proved to be a miracle itself. Not only did the director reduce the cost to even make it possible for us but the therapists are patient and tender with Janely yet also know when to push. We are img_6243learning always and seriously rejoicing over this little therapy center that is bringing our family so much encouragement.

As many of you know, we are within a few weeks (or so we are being told ; ) of completing Janely’s adoption and then a couple months later making the mega-move-transition to the US. This is really exciting for us in many ways (more advanced medical care for Janely, specialized handicap equipment, reuniting with family and friends, etc…) yet bittersweet as we will be saying goodbye to many friends and family, and a church-body that has been beside us now for years…loved us, supported us, accepted us, helped us, prayed for us and all in all been with us through the really/super/crazy hard times and the awesome ones. We really are asking for your prayers on all these upcoming decisions. We need GOD’s wisdom and discernment…we really desire His will above all. We are asking GOD for a job for Juan Manuel before we leave Ecuador. And lastly, for the financial strain, for our relationships, img_3029img_6029
our spiritual and emotional health as we desire very much to finish here well, and then return to a country that has not been “home” for either of us in quite some time.

As for me (Shawna), I am always happy and grateful (for each of you and your support) to share img_3008that the counseling ministry continues. It is SUCH A PRIVILEGE and blessing to me to get to take a break from motherhood and therapy and doctors and housework (as wonderful as all that is)…and head to the church where I get to sit with women or children and walk with them through pain, struggles, questions and hopefully be a tool in GOD’s hands to point them to him and find healing. We both decided it was the right time to begin closing out with my clients this month, and that alone was a difficult decision but one we needed to step forward with out of faith. This will allow me several more sessions, Lord willing, with each client to honor the time we had and end well.

After closing out with all of my clients, we need to begin the process of seeing all of Janely’s doctors one more time, sell all our things, begin saying “see you later” to friends and family and all the other steps necessary to prepare us for the transition back to the US. In this I will also be trying to follow up on some health challenges I’ve had lately that will likely include at least some physical therapy on my neck and hip. To explain a bit here, Janely is now almost 30 pounds so sometimes just an average day can be difficult. Again, prayers much appreciated for our health and physical strength in this season.

It really feels like our biggest “ministry” here is our friendships with several different ones that we’ve been privileged enough to get to know and walk with. Very hard to think img_6095img_3009about saying goodbye to them but we must trust in His sovereignty and again pray that in this seemingly little time we have left in Ecuador GOD will work and move in and through us in the lives of those we love and especially with those that are hungry for Jesus but haven’t yet committed their lives to him.

We recently watched a message from a series on Hebrews by JD Greear, in which he teaches about inner rest that is found in Christ. It has been just the reminder and teaching we need to re-focus our hearts on Christ is our righteousness, Christ is our priority, Christ is our security, and Christ is our identity…and in this we can be in the midst of hard work, chaos, emotional or relational challenges and still find rest in HIM. So that is our prayer especially at what seems like the beginning of a crazy season ahimg_6249ead. Please pray we will honor GOD in our walk, love others well and give ourselves grace.

We love you each, thank GOD for you and hope we get to connect with you soon someway somehow : ) We always so enjoy hearing from each of you …so if you have the time give us a call, skype or shoot us an email.

This CHRISTmas we can look at all He has done and give Him praise and glory for being a King that came and got in our mess and has given us a never changing hope!

In Gratitude and Love!

Your Partners In Christ,

Juan Manuel, Shawna, and Janely

Janely says “Gracias”!!

2 thoughts on “2016 Year Landázuri Update

  1. hermano! como le hago para saber la contraseña? te extrañó mucho y te deseamos una feliz Navidad y un excelente 2017! Saludos y bendiciones a tu familia

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