Be Part of the Mission

¨Father to the fatherless, defender of widows – this is God, whose dwelling is holy.¨

– Psalm 68:5

We would like to invite you to pray with us for GOD to show you and lead you on how you could be part of the mission here in Ecuador. If GOD has already laid it on your heart to partner with us in GOD´s mission, welcome and know we are so thankful for your generous heart.

Here are a few options you can choose on how to support the JESUS rescues ministry: GIVE, COME, PRAY, & CONNECT.


1. What is probably most convenient to you and recommended, is to go online and set up an automatic check payment or direct deposit through your bank. This is the only method we know of that is free to you, the donor (don’t even have to pay for a stamp) and there are no processing fees… we and the ministry get 100% of the amount you donate. (Please send us an email for the bank account #.)

2. Click on “donate” and donate any amount you like as a one time donation through our paypal account for our JESUS rescues ministry. This would be paid by your debit or credit card. The only down side to this is that 3% is deducted from the amount we receive for processing fees.

3. You may also walk into a US Bank (if you have one near by) and simply fill out a deposit slip with our account # for the amount you would like to donate. If you choose this method we’d like to request that you include your name somewhere on the slip so that we can thank you. (Please send us an email for the bank account #.)


If you, your family, friends or church would like to come down to serve the little ones in the orphanages in Ecuador or various other ministries that are available please contact us, we always need more hands and feet. We will help you arrange a trip in which you can volunteer in the orphanages to love on them, teach the Gospel, and help with specific mission projects within the orphanages to improve their quality of life.


We believe in the power of prayer. If you feel called to be a part of our ¨prayer warrior team¨ that is a huge need for us. Please contact us so can explain how to be involved and welcome you.


We love to get to know you all and build relationships. So please feel free to contact us if you would like to email, chat, and/or skype.

Juan Manuel´s email:

Shawna´s email:


Any way you are able to partner in GOD´s mission is a huge blessing to us, you are a critical part of this mission. So Thank You from our hearts.

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Your partners in CHRIST,

Juan Manuel & Shawna Landázuri

10 thoughts on “Be Part of the Mission

  1. Dear Juan Manuel,
    I saw your videos and you are an inspiration to all of us. Your steadfast faith and love for Jesus is an example and we will continue to pray for you and supporting you the best we can so that you are able to continue your mission in Ecuador!

  2. JuanMa! Many blessings to you my friend! I hope you are doing well. I love hearing of others receiving the Gospel, especially through the examples of fellow believers. I hope God richly blesses you and your co-laborers.

  3. Juan,

    Liz and I would like to be a part of hour monthly support. I, being an old geezer and not too computer savvy don’t know if I pushed the right buttons. I hope to receive some confirmation from hour mission that I have, indeed, pushed the right buttons. You are in our prayers.

    Dale & Liz

  4. Hello Juanma,
    I met you at the Youngren’s house in Sept 2010 at the first meeting that now has blossomed into La Fuente. I am so blessed to know you are working with Compassion Connection. I recognize the importance of having you on staff and all you do. Thank you for your talents, compassion, sacrifice, dedication, loyalty and the list could go on. The ministry is blessed to have you. I pray God will keep you with them for a long time.

    1. Shannon, thank you so much for your words. I still remember that meeting long ago and i know that CC is very thankful for you too. I am glad i met you once and look forward to some day see you again and share the passion for missions.
      Yes the LORD has blessed me so much with the opportunity to serve Him, it is such a priviledge and i am thankful for the ones -like you- that He has chosen to come and pray alongside us.

      Your Ecuadorian brother,

    1. Bro Sean!
      Man it´s always so good to hear from you brother soldier!

      Thanks a lot man for your encouragement and for still keeping me in mind and prayers. Bro i also look forward to a day when I can see you again champ. We lived times that i will never forget bro, thanks for always being there as a true bro warrior in CHRIST.

      Blessings to you and Jill, and never forget you got a brother from another mother always inviting you to come down to Ecuador, and GOD willing when I get to visit the states you will hear from me for sure.

      Your bro always in Him and because of Him!

  5. Dear Juan Manuel and Shawna,

    I was so happy to get your recent email and now to see you embark in the mission field together. I know the both of you will do great things for Gods glory and show Gods love to others. I will be praying for you as you allow God to lead you down this new path in the ministry.

    Jessica Coker

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