So what if?…

What if we believe the impossible goes possible now in Quito?

WHAT IF we dream for the sake of the Gospel? … For sure will take Faith and Vision.

If you are reading this page, please pray with us to seek GOD´s guidance and will above any dream, so finally whatever happens that it will be His Dream!

Specifically I have been praying for these, yet I am not sure what is next:

1) What if GOD wants a JESUS RESCUES CENTER? (sort of this: Dream Center in Oregon or this: Dream Center ) !

2) CHRISTian Gym /Sports CHRISTian Center in Quito!

I will be sharing more about what GOD allows to be revealed to me about the above. As I keep praying and seeking doors for whichever GOD wants to make happen, please help me praying. If you or your church would like to talk with me your vision ( ideas, questions, suggestions, concerns)  I will be glad to do so, since much help will be needed you know (experience, advice, etc).

And last, if , as you read this, you get excited at all, please let me know because I trust that GOD could be touching your heart for His dream.

; >

In Him and because of Him,

Juan Manuel

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